Ways to Donate

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Please select one of the following funds to donate to:

Monetary gifts should be made payable to:

Cabool Education Foundation 

Charitable contributions can be made to a fund in a variety of ways:

There are no limitations on gifts, any amount is appreciated!

Donations of any kind may be received from:



Besides the 4 "Capacity Funds" the Cabool Education Foundation plans to begin with, endowments are another option for donors to consider. 

An endowment is a permanent fund that provides income each year to support the Cabool Education Foundation mission. Endowment funds are professionally managed to ensure the funds remain strong over time. An endowment provides essential stability and it facilitates strategic use of funds to allow the Cabool Education Foundation the ability to plan on the income from one year to the next. An endowment fund presents an excellent option for donors who want to make a legacy or planned gifts. Board members and donors appreciate the fact that endowments provide sustainable and guaranteed sources of income. 


A bequest is a gift made in a will or trust. Because a bequest is flexible and revocable, it is the most common type of donor legacy gift. With a gift made from a will to an endowment fund, a donor can continue to support the Cabool Education Foundation mission far into the future. 

Named Funds

A named fund is a permanent endowment that honors an individual or family and benefits the school/group/club/program/etc. the donor cares about most via the Cabool Education Foundation. Named funds are created with a gift of at least $10,000. The gift may be current or deferred, as in the case of a gift made through a will. Each year, the Cabool Education Foundation receives income from the named fund.

Please contact us to find out more about Endowments, Bequests, or Named Funds. 

**Contributions made to the foundation are completely tax deductible. A donor should, however, consult with his or her tax adviser concerning the extent of the deduction of a gift to the Foundation.**